How To Make The Best Choice For Your Dog's Food

How To Make The Best Choice For Your Dog's Food

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-Dog Food has come a long way since the days when canned food was the norm for dog and puppy diets. 














  dog food manufacture before pfi                                                                                                                                          -late 50's dog food factory producing canned food from off -cuts   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The dog food industry in South Africa has, since the introduction of the extruded dry pet food kibble to our shores in the 60's and 70's, made vast improvements in standards and processes of manufacture, quality control, packaging technologies, improved storage conditions and controlled raw materials. 


"This gave rise to the Pet Food Industry Association of SA (PFI) in 1998"


The industry from this point gained momentum, and since the opening of the South African market to International players during the 90's, a need arose for a regulatory body to ensure that dog food produced in the country was of consistently good quality,with the nutritional wellbeing of pets as the primary concern.

This gave rise to the Pet Food Industry Association of SA (PFI) in 1998, which since then has been heavily involved in Legislation and Legislation Compliance, all for the benefit of the pets in South Africa and around the world by maintaining international quality standards. 


PFI quality dog food south africa                        

-All Dog Food Brands with this logo on the packaging are members of the PFI. This is a voluntary membership, and members are committed to upholding all the Legislation and Manufacturing Standards governing pet food manufacture in SA. 


"Packaging has improved tremendously"



Trends in the industry has allowed for advances in manufacturing methods, raw materials have changed from off-cut and non nutritive bulking materials to human grade ingredients in certain top of the range Super Premium ranges on the market.

Packaging has improved tremendously since the plain white sack days, and this has been helped along by improvements in technology.

Packaging of modern dog food are designed to keep the product as fresh as possible.

This is why it is important to keep the products in the packaging it was purchased in. 


Which Dog Food is the Best Choice?

The DogFood Store® recommends the following criteria when selecting the most appropriate product for your dog or puppy:

  • What Breed of Dog is it?

Be mindful of the breed of dog you have, as nutritional requirements differ between the breeds. 


  • What Age is my Dog?

Dog food needs to be age appropriate as there are vast nutritional differences between a puppy and an adult dog. 


  • What is my Dog's Weight?

Modern dog food is formulated as a balanced meal which means that each serving will satisfy most of your dog's nutritional needs.

It is important to feed your dog according to the weight, to ensure that the correct amount of nutrients are obtained daily.

You have the added benefit of preventing under feeding as well as over feeding. 


  • Any Ailments

All Ailments should be firstly investigated and treated by your regular vet.

Minor ailments such as dry, itchy skin, rash, thin & dull coat or even low muscle tone, stiff joints and mild Obesity can be effectively treated by selecting the product with the combination of ingredients added especially for these ailments. 



"We are HERE to HELP" 

 Our product pages were designed to give you all the important information of each product in an easy to read format. You can quickly see which dog food will be the best choice for your dog or puppy.


For further assistance in selecting the most appropriate dog food please contact us 


**All dog food stocked by The DogFood Store® are members of the PFI, so you can be assured that whether you are buying from our Budget Range, or the Super Premium Range, the quality standards are the same.

Check the dog food packaging of your current dog food product. If it doesn't have the PFI logo, you should not be using it. 


We wish you a pleasant shopping experience.

-The DogFood Store®








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