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 Are you interested in trying out the Olympic Professional Adult Brand for your pet, but not sure if it's the best fit? Browse our Review below to help you decide. 



1)  PACKAGING                          10/10

 The Olympic Professional Dog Food Range is packaged in very slick looking black packaging with neon blue contrasted writing highlighting the beneficial effects of the dog food.

The Olympic Professional Adult dog food has a green tab across the bottom part of the bag which differentiates it from the other product offerings in the Olympic Professional Dog Food Range

The bags are cleverly colour coded to assist consumers with quick identification of their desired product on the shelves. The materials used in the bag are strong and durable as they are of very good quality & more importantly it maintains the freshness of the dog food within. 



The ingredients listed on the packaging of dog food products are listed in order of Highest proportion to lowest proportion.

The first two ingredients listed are usually the most important ingredients as these are the main component of each kibble.

Ideally, the first two ingredients listed should be a carbohydrate and protein, but not necessarily in that order.

Olympic Professional Adult Dog Food has Maize as the primary ingredient, which are carbohydrates, and also the energy component of the kibble. Maize is also a source of highly digestible protein.

The second ingredient is the protein component and also the muscle building and maintenance component. Olympic Professional Adult contains very high quality poultry protein sourced from chicken, turkey and duck. 

The inclusion of rice may assist with dogs who have sensitive digestive systems as it is easier to process than other grains. 


Olympic Professional Adult has no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


3) PROTEIN CONTENT           9/10

Most dog food brands on the market include protein somewhere in the dog food formulation. Where they differ is when you look closer at the formulation.

Formulations with protein listed as either the first or second ingredient rank higher on our reviews as these are the most desirable formulations for optimal health of dogs. 

We consider 20% protein content to be an ideal minimum, so anything below 20% would be the least desirable.

 Olympic Professional Adult Dog Food is a class leader with regard to the content of protein ber pag as compared to other brands in the Adult or Maintenance dog food category. 

Boasting 24% protein and  sourced from high quality poultry protein, this product will keep your dog in tip top shape. 


4) SECONDARY NUTRIENTS                      7/10

The nutrient list in the dog food formulation is also an important factor to consider as the combination of added ingredients may be used to treat or prevent minor ailments which certain breeds may be prone to. 

Cheaper dog food brands skip this step, which is how they keep the pricing so low. This means that while it may appear that you are spending less per month on dog food, the long term effects on you dog will ultimately lead to higher health care bills as your dog gets older. 

Olympic Professional Adult Dog Food contains the following added nutrients which add to its beneficial properties:

  • Inulin which is a prebiotic, helps to promote a healthy gut and improves absorption of other nutrients. 
  • Vitamin B-Complex which assists in energy requirements and overall nervous system health. 


5) PFI MEMBERSHIP           10/10

Dog Food manufacturers who are PFI members automatically get a 10/10 rating. Membership of the PFI is voluntary and its members are committed to upholding quality standards and practices which includes random testing of released products. 


VERDICT:           45 / 50

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