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Are you interested in trying out the LifeStyle Dog Food Brand for your pet, but not sure if it's the best fit? Browse our Review below to help you decide. 



1) PACKAGING                          10/10

 The colour scheme used in the packaging of LifeStyle Dog Food follows the colours of autumn with its rich shades of orange and soft red. This colour scheme is sure to attract as the product stands out amongst its competitors. 

The front of the bag lists all the main attributes of the LifeStyle Adult Dog Food which is a very useful and helpful information tool for any potential purchaser. Two Border Collie mascot dogs on the packaging provides a nice contrast in colour to the rich Autumn reds. 

The packaging material itself is made from strong, durable materials and keeps the freshness in the bag. 



The primary ingredients in the LifeStyle Adult Dog Food are Grains including rice, animal Proteins and Vegetable proteins in that order. 

The ingredients listed on each bag are listed in order of highest to lowest proportion. These ingredients make up the bulk of each kibble so the order of appearance has a significant impact on the overall quality and nutritional benefits of the actual dog food. 

The Grains component of LifeStyle Dog Food is the primary ingredient and the energy component of the dog food. It is in the highest proportion, so the amount of energy available for use from each kibble is significant and is most important for active dogs. 

The second and third listed ingredients are proteins which are the muscle building and maintenance component of the kibble. Since the protein sources are derived from both animal and plant sources, the overall quality of the available protein is better. 

LifeStyle Adult Dog Food also contains a high proportion of digestive bran which assists in maintaining a healthy gastrointestinal tract and promotes nutrient absorption. 


3) PROTEIN CONTENT           8/10

The protein content of any dog food is, according to us, the most important factor to consider when purchasing a dog food. Our ideal dog food would have a minimum of 20% protein for adult dogs, as we consider this amount to be a standard minimum for quality dog food.

Anything below 20% would score lower on our reviews, as the dog food would often need to be supplemented by adding meat or eggs to the diet. This would be especially significant for younger or active dogs who require strong muscles to support strenuous activity. Recovery from exercise also requires good quality protein in adequate amounts. 

LifeStyle Adult Dog Food contains 21% protein, which is also available in the second & third highest proportion in the formulation. The sources of the protein are a mixture of plant and animal derivatives (minimum of 4% from poultry). 


4) SECONDARY NUTRIENTS                        8/10

The nutrients added into the dog food formulation are important to consider, depending on the overall health needs of your dog. Young dogs or puppy dogs will require certain nutrients in their diet, which may not be all that important when the dog is in its adult years.

Nutrients which we believe should be standard across all dog foods would be joint & mobility protective agents, powerful antioxidants and Omega 3 & 6.

LifeStyle Adult Dog Food is enriched with approved antioxidants which assists the body in getting rid of harmful free radicals as well as preventing skin issues. 

Omega 3 & 6 are also included in LifeStyle Adult Dog Food which assists in keeping the coat shiny and thick. These nutrients in particular also has several other beneficial effects in the body and calming effects on the brain, which is especially useful for stressed dogs. 

The addition of Glucosamine and Chondroitin provides effective joint protection and mobility support for all ages and breed types. 


5) PFI MEMBERSHIP           10/10

Dog Food manufacturers who are PFI members automatically get a 10/10 rating. Membership of the PFI is voluntary and its members are committed to upholding quality standards and practices which includes random testing of released products. 


VERDICT:           46 / 50

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